In progress

Recreation time

Documentary feature film.

Recreation time.DOC will listen to teenagers from Rio de Janeiro about contemporary issues both through a documentary and fictional approach. Students will debate and dramatize situations experienced (or dreamed) by them.

The idea of ​​the documentary is to film educational life, various activities in the classroom, addressing different realities of public elementary and high school.

Once the classes are selected, we will record debates on topics discussed in the classroom such as racism, women's issues, sustainability and the environment, among other topics.

The objective of the documentary is to deal with theoretical discussions, which are usually pointed out through statistics, through the characters who live these issues. Thus, we intend to show the difficulties and possible ways out of young Brazilians.

On the wave of Maré

Documentary feature film

The purpose of the documentary is to show the trajectory of thirteen actors/dancers from Rio de Janeiro, 14 years later. They all came from favelas or periphery communities and participated in the 2008 film "Maré, our love story", directed by Lucia Murat and produced by Taiga Filmes.

"On the wave of Maré. Rio's youth dance!" will use material from the film and the making of (more than 40 hours of video footage of tests and rehearsals filmed at the time, completely unpublished material) and interviews carried out today. What happened to these young people? We have some exemplary stories such as that of Ingrid Silva who became a dancer for an important company in New York or that of Washington Salles, a young man who did street dance and went with a company to France, got a contact in Moscow and became a model known in Russia. We also have difficult experiences like that of the rap group Nação Maré, which failed to maintain itself as a group. Or the incredible trajectory of Babu Santana, an actor who opposed all stereotypes, made countless films and in the last year became known throughout Brazil for his participation in the BBB20 to later participate in soap operas in prime time.

In addition to the interviews, we will use personal archive material from the interviewees and materials to be made by the interviewees themselves with guidance from our management and team. During these 15 years, many of them produced audiovisual works or works that were filmed and that will be incorporated into the project.

Editing the musical numbers and funny situations of our interviewees during rehearsals in contrast to what they experience today will allow the creation of a work with great capacity for communication with the public.