The Nation That Didn’t Wait for God

A nação que não esperou por Deus, um filme de Lucia Murat

In 1999 Lucia Murat wrote, produced and directed the feature film "Brave New Land” where the Kadiwéu people – native Brazilian Indians who live in the West of Brazil – were characters. “The Nation That Didn’t Wait For God” is a documentary shot in 2013/2014 about this same tribe, by the same director, co-directed by Rodrigo Hinrichsen, the assistant director of “Brave New Land”.

Throughout these 15 years, electricity has arrived to the reservation and with it so did television, soap operas, etc. Five protestant churches were settled in their village, and all of them have Kadiwéu pastors. But in keeping with their warrior tradition, they have gone back to fighting for their land that the white cattle breeder men have invaded.

This documentary shows us the different paths that the Kadiwéu tribe has taken.

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The Kadiwéu people were studied by the anthropologist Levi Strauss and Darcy Ribeiro during the 30’s. So during the production of “Brave New Land” we had a great deal of iconographic material from the “white world” that was very useful. Levi Strauss once said that it was a privilege to have access to another culture. That was exactly how I felt in 1999 when I finished shooting “Brave New Land”, and it was because of that feeling that I never again became disconnected to the tribe. I kept track of the transformations that occurred in the tribe throughout the years, as well as the individual transformations of those “characters” that we got to know the most. That is how I came to see a little indian boy become a “white” man living in the city, and a young timid boy become a charismatic important leader at the reservation.

The meeting that we shot between the Kadiwéu leaders and the cattle headers representatives was about the division of land issue. These meetings were very revealing not only relatively to the current Kadiwéu situation, but also in a way that exposes the prejudices that accumulated due to, and ever since, the white imposed colonization.

What makes this project unique is the fact that we shot it in 3 different moments in time throughout 17 years. This permitted us to accompany this tribe’s story during a period of great transformations, when the contact with the white man culture intensified. The film “Brave New Land” gave us a view of the XVIII century history of the tribe, as well. It was based on cross-references between the stories told by the older tribe members, and white man literature on the subject.

A nação que não esperou por Deus, um filme de Lucia Murat


Direction: Lucia Murat and  Rodrigo Hinrichsen
Production: Lucia Murat and  Paulo Trancoso
Sript: Lucia Murat
Camera and photography: Leonardo Bittencourt
Production direction: Tiago Salomé and  Rita Saloio
Editing: Mair Tavares edt and  Lucas Cesário edt
Music: Livio Tragtenberg
Direct sound: Marcos Manna
Sound editing: Simone Petrillo
Mixage: Blanko Neskov c.a.s.
Foley: Loudness Films
Color adjusments: Fabio Souza
Coproduction: Bonfilm